Are you a real surgeon or medical student?


Are you a professional chef?


Are you a serial killer?


Okay, then who are you?

I'm simply The Food Surgeon. My videos aren't about me; they're about the food, the cinematography, the sounds, and the tools. The less the focus is about the gloved operator, the better.

How did you come up with this idea?

The idea came to me while I was on a late night binge of one of my favorite YouTube channels, Food Wishes. I was watching Chef John prep the ingredients, and I thought to myself, "this is, by far, my favorite part." With that in mind, I decided to take food preparation to the clinical extreme.

You should add a heart beat monitor sound effect!

If you listen closely, you'll hear a faint electrocardiogram machine in the background. Ambient noise plays a big role in my videos; I purposefully don't avoid the whirring of the auto-focus, and keep the heart beat sounds in every video, because I like to think of those noises as my own personal sound signature. Maybe it doesn't make sense to have a heart beat in the background of an autopsy video, but it also doesn't make sense for a banana to be murdered.

Are your videos meant to evoke ASMR?

I don't create videos intentionally to evoke ASMR. However, the ASMR community has embraced my videos, and I'm thankful for that. I now operate with ASMR in mind, but it is not my ultimate focus.

If you're unfamiliar with ASMR, read the wikipedia entry!

Will you make longer videos?

A desire for longer videos is feedback I get a lot. Folks from the ASMR community, in particular, have requested videos in the 15-30 minute range. Though I perform each operation with the ASMR folks in mind, paying special attention to sound, I usually only have about 30-45 minutes of raw footage to work with, all of which have varying degrees of quality. I try to only choose the best of the best to maximize the visual appeal of my videos. An unedited video wouldn't nearly have the same level of quality as a 4-5 minute video. And, as my filming skills increase, so does my bar for what I consider acceptable in terms of cinematography.

A long video would require 2-3x more minutes of raw footage. Which would, of course, take 2-3x longer to film and edit ( each video already takes upwards of 10 hours from inception to publishing ). Though I enjoy this process, I can't justify spending any more time or resources on these videos than I already do.

Will you reveal your face?